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Hot water is vital to the proper function of a home. Without an optimally functioning water heater, you will be stuck with cold showers, a washing machine that won’t clean your clothes and dishes you can’t properly sanitize. If you discover a problem with your water heater, you can count on the licensed and insured plumbers at McBride Plumbing to be available and ready to help. We’ve served the people of Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding areas of South Lake, Flower Mound, Trophy Club, Grapevine, Colleyville, Keller, Argyle, Justin and Haslet, since 1950. We are qualified to offer any and all water heater services you may require. We have become a trusted plumbing service provider in the area through our top-notch quality service

We Are Honest, Transparent and Friendly Water Heater Specialists

When it comes to water heater repair or service, we are the best in the industry. Call us today at (817) 899-6747 and we will promptly send out knowledgeable and highly experienced plumbers to get your hot water flowing again. We have helped thousands of homeowners throughout Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, and we can help you with your water heater service needs.

Our plumbers are not just experts in their fields; they are also the friendliest and most respectful chaps you will ever meet. When our plumber knocks on your door, expect a warm smile and hearty greeting – not matter what time of the day or night.  We are honest plumbers and we do not mislead people about our prices. When you get the quote from one of our plumbers, that is the price you’ll pay and there aren’t any hidden fees waiting for you at the end.

Common Water Heater Problems: When to Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

  • Decreased Efficiency: If your water heater is not performing as well as it used to or your energy consumption bill has increased, it could be that your system is too old. Our expert plumbers can assess the performance and age of your unit and provide a water heater replacement if necessary.
  • No Hot Water: Whether you have lukewarm water, cold water instead of hot water or low pressure for your hot water, we can help. Our water heater specialists can diagnose the problem and recommend the best solution to get your hot water back and flowing.
  • Unusual Noises: If your water heater is making unusual noises, contact our licensed plumbers to examine the issues and determine whether to repair or replace the unit. These noises are caused by the buildup of sediments inside the tank. Sediments can wear down the unit and cause issues, such as inefficiency and accelerated damage.

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Water heaters are an essential part of every home. No matter what kind of water heater you have, proper installation and maintenance will keep it running optimally. If you need professional, affordable and reliable Water Heater Services in Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas, call McBride Plumbing at (817) 899-6747 to schedule an appointment. Our phones are covered 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

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